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March 23, 2020
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A Brief Look At Menopause In Addition To A Number Of The Frequent Warning Signs

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Peri-menopause is the phase before menopause. There are many indicators that can alert women of this process. Many of the symptoms are those that are followed into menopause.

Menopause is the time in every woman's life that her menstrual cycle comes to an end. Her reproductive years are over. This time can overwhelm some women with the ending of her childbearing years, as others will rejoice into their new life, without the inconvenience of monthly cycles.

In the beginning phases of menopause, also known as, peri-menopause, the ovaries begin to lower their estrogen and progesterone production, with the result of ending the fertile period in a woman's life. Peri-menopausal symptoms can greatly affect women, leaving many confused as to how to deal with these changes. Other women have reported very few hindrances to their lives. All women are different and one should not feel that they are unusual, just because they have more of the extreme symptoms.

To go through this time there are a few things that one should know, as this can have a greater understanding of this transition.

One should expect to feel an increase in fatigue. To help counter the tiring effect, one should be aware of their diet and strive to eat a balance of whole foods, with antioxidants. The foods we eat have such a great affect on how our body operates on a daily basis. To ingest good foods, rich in vitamins and minerals, can only benefit our bodies in a positive way.

Exercise is a good ritual to have daily. It not only helps keep the weight fluctuations down, but it releases endorphins, which give us a happy feeling. In peri-menopause, as well as menopause, women tend to be more at risk of gaining weight around their middle area. This is not good because it can lead to other debilitating problems, especially with our hearts. To exercise more often, as part of a healthy lifestyle, helps to fight unwanted pounds.

Many women emotionally feel an increased sense of sadness in the years leading up to menopause. This is mostly due to the imbalance of our hormones. Some even feel that they have become depressed. Anything can trigger an emotional outburst, even without any notice. At times, these can be embarrassing, and one might think that they are losing their touch on reality. None of those thoughts are true, just know it is a phase, and it will pass. Scheduling a visit with your doctor to review what you are experiencing, will help to put your mind at ease and cope.

In experiencing peri-menopause, many women come to the understanding that their life as a mother of young children is passing and they embrace a new time in their lives. One with a bit more freedom, maybe a new career, retirement, time to travel. It is a time to look forward to new things, like a rebirth.

One of the best pieces of advice would be to talk to other women about their thoughts and experiences of peri-menopause. It is through conversing with other women that we gain a greater understanding and how to manage our own symptoms. Every women before us has traveled this road, as will others follow after us. To give knowledge of our experiences, gives power to control our bodies and our life.


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